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Hi, I’m Alan, and I Explain Modern Buddhism.  

If you are looking to understand Buddhism in our modern world, you have come to the right place!

New to Buddhism?  I recommend you read my article Buddhism, a Quick Intro, check out myTop 5 Books for Buddhist Beginners & Newbies, and explore my Basics in Buddhism series of articles.
  • My mission is to help others understand modern Buddhism through my articles, books, videos, and graphics.
  • What is this site all about?  I wanted to understand Buddhism in a way that makes sense to me, and how it can apply to many different parts of our daily lives.  My website allows me to share what I have learned, and my thoughts and practice, with you.
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  • I am a Buddhist layperson, not a Buddhist monastic or theologian. My articles are my personal experiences, opinions, research, thoughts, and insight, which I share with others. My school of Buddhism is Mahayana, however I was Theravada for many years.  Learn more in my legal notices and disclaimers.