Maitreya Buddha at Thikse.   Photo by Hceebee on Flickr (CC License)

Back to the Future (Buddha): Maitreya

What does the “Back to the Future” movie series have to do with Buddhism? Who is the “Future Buddha”? Learn all this and more in this article!

Vietnamese Buddhist Monk with Mala.  Photo by  B Beeler on Flickr (CC License)

Buddhist Bling: Why Buddha Beads Are The Real Smartwatches

Understand what a Buddhist Mala, often called “Buddha Beads”, are and how to use them.


5 Tips to Become a Productivity Ninja with Windows Phone 8.1

Learn how to use Windows Phone 8.1 for greater productivity at work, in your personal life, and in school.


10 Tips For Making Your Windows 10 Start Menu Productive

Microsoft’s news Windows 10 operating system reintroduced an often asked for feature that was missing from Windows 8:  the Start Menu.  However, the Windows 10 Start Menu is different from […]

Photo by JBLM PAO on Flickr (CC License)

The Buddhist Soldier

Can a Buddhist be a soldier? What did the Buddha say about killing? Learn how being a Buddhist and a soldier is not a contradiction in terms, and how war can actually end suffering.

Photo by Studio Tdes on Flickr

Understanding The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism (With Coffee)

The essence of Buddhism is found within The Four Noble Truths. Learn how this important teaching can help you understand Buddhism, and your path to liberation.


Review: Is the Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet Everything You Need?

Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet is a great device with some features not found on other tablets like USB ports and snap in keyboards.

Photo by Ross Perkins on Flickr (CC license)

Unwrapping the Origami of the Eightfold Path

By following the Noble Eightfold Path, sentient beings can forever cut off their afflictions, suffering, and the causes of suffering, and attain the state of the sages – nirvana.  ~ Ven. […]

Photo by Lyle Vincent on Flickr (CC License)

Smells Like Buddhist Nirvana

Understand what Nirvana (Nibanna) really means to Buddhists, and how it benefits you in the real world.


Windows 8.1 Tips for IT Professionals

In the Enterprise world, IT professionals have the trusted and heavy burden of customizing Windows operating systems for their workplace. So when it comes to Windows 8, is it an […]